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Quality, Service and More than 45 years of Experience in Printing Services for Healthcare

We do more than just manufacture labels, we listen. We analyze your needs and we work with you so you receive the desired final product.

With more than 45 years of experience in the printing and healthcare industries, our staff is available to answer your questions about labels, ribbons, and printers. Chances are that we can answer any question you have about printing services for healthcare, but if we can’t, rest assured that we’ll investigate until we find an answer.

Our commitment to your labels starts before we even meet you and we dedicate our process to this detailed quality control protocol:


Label Arts supports our customers through the entire order process, from samples and custom design, to ordering, delivery and continued post-purchase support. 

Every order goes through a comprehensive four-pronged proofing process that ends with our Proof (+) Positive Guarantee.

The designer and supervisor check the design against your original order.

The press operator runs the first 10 labels, checks quality, and scans the barcodes and imagers. The press operator continues to check quality as your order runs.

We test our labels rigorously throughout production before they leave our facility to make sure that when it arrives at your lab, office, or warehouse, it’s ready to perform.

The roll down operator checks for sequential numbering; print quality, as well as overall material quality. They will reject and re-print any labels that don’t meet our high standards.

Shipping provides a final layer of quality control, inspecting the overall quality of your order before it leaves our plant.

At Label Arts, we know printing services for healthcare.  We deliver a superior product and guarantee performance. If you are dissatisfied in any way, we’ll replace your labels. It’s that easy.

Doing Business With Label Arts

We provide a personalized approach and every unique project is handled with precision and care. We make a guarantee to deliver great labels, quick turnarounds, and responsive and proactive service to every customer. If you haven’t found what you need anywhere else, chances are that with our wealth of knowledge and industry expertise, we can fulfill your request.

Wondering whether we could accommodate your unique project needs? Simply ask. It’s very likely we will.


We Have the Answers