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The Importance of Utilizing Sequentially Numbered Barcode Labels

November 4, 2020
By Ashley Stewart

Medical labs and facilities are under tremendous pressure to handle unimaginable amounts of data and keep it organized. One of the most powerful tools for the organization of such an enormous amount of data is the use of labels.

The Most Powerful Data Management Tool for Medical Labs is High-Quality Labeling

The Importance of Utilizing Sequentially Numbered Barcode Labels for Medical Labs

In the age of digitized information, one of the industries that has experienced a dramatic shift towards digitization is the Medical and Healthcare space. Whether it’s patient records, research data or diagnostic information, these medical labs and facilities are under tremendous pressure to handle unimaginable amounts of data and keep it organized so it can be interpreted accurately.

How Are Labels Used In The Medical Industry and Why Are They Important?

One of the most powerful tools for the organization of such an enormous amount of data is the use of labels. Sequentially numbered barcode labels use an ascension number – a unique identifying number or code – to encode specific information on lab equipment, paperwork, testing tools and specimen. These special labels can encode a wide range of information chosen by each lab, but the most common types of information tracked include a unique number corresponding to patient demographic information, dates, and identifying lab.

Medical Lab Slide Labels

Aside from tracking information to avoid missed or lost data, labels can also assist in anonymizing specimen data to protect the identity of the patients to which they belong, while maintaining the ability to match the specimen back to its origin to be delivered to the appropriate doctor and patient for review. This is a critical part of a safe and reliable healthcare system.

The use of sequentially numbered barcode labels is a common practice in medical fields like Pathology, Cytology, Histology, and Gynecology. Histology involves the study of tissue, while Cytology involves the study of cells. As you could imagine, studying either type of subject requires careful tracking to avoid contamination and effective research, testing or treatment. So many different areas of the broader medical field rely on the accurate and effective transfer of information from one group or facility to another to allow the foremost experts to apply their vast knowledge to the world’s toughest medical problems. The Histology laboratory is responsible for the preparation of tissue for diagnosis by Pathologists. This is one example of how proper labeling is critical to the advancement and continued efficacy of the medical system.

Medical and Healthcare facilities rely on sequentially numbered barcode labels to accomplish their life-saving work and each year they must replenish and replace their old labels with a new set that is encoded with the new year in the date information.  It is imperative the labels withstand the harshest chemicals used in the diagnostic process.  Our chemical resistant labels are guaranteed against smearing and fading.o

Label Arts Offers a Wide Range of Options for Sequentially Numbered Barcode Labels

The Label Arts team understands the importance of getting high-quality sequentially numbered barcode labels for medical labs prior to the first of the year or your particular deadline. We have numerous commonly used and custom die shapes and sizes. If we don’t have the right size for you, we can often acquire new tooling to meet your exact specifications for little or no cost and we offer some color options for added customization.  Our chemical resistant polyester labels with an over-lamination ensure you can work with xylene with no fading or smearing. We also offer paper label options for less harsh applications.

Sequentially Numbered Barcode Labels

Medical labs use different types of labels depending on the application. Labs commonly utilize slide labels, vial labels, and requisition labels in their daily operation and each type require different shapes, sizes or even materials to be effective. The choices available to medical labs are numerous, and not all barcode labels are made the same. A lab or facility has a variety of options including the common linear barcode, 2D barcodes (square barcodes), imagers (7 over 7 numbers) and even human readable consecutive numbers (labels that are not scanned by a machine, but instead deciphered by a human). 

There are many types and brands of processing equipment available to medical labs and we do our best to offer labels that are compatible with the vast majority of processing equipment. We are dedicated to understanding your lab’s needs and producing high-quality labels custom formatted for your labs specific usage.  We can assist with labels for specimen tracking from start to finish to meet your work flow.

The Flawless Identification Guarantee

All of our labels go through rigorous quality control protocols to ensure we deliver on our flawless identification guarantee. The Label Arts team of experts checks for blemishes at multiple steps throughout the production process to ensure that the product that arrives at your lab is guaranteed to scan. Our goal is to provide a turn-key solution that translates to improved efficiency for all your specimen tracking and data management efforts.

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