Selecting the Ideal Label Material: A Comprehensive Guide

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October 30, 2023


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As the saying goes – you should always use the right tool for the job. If you plan on choosing material for your label, consult our team of professionals and find the perfect material for your applications.

Choosing the material for your label can be overwhelming at times; picking the sturdy label type that can withstand tearing and peeling is crucial. Select a remarkable design to exhibit your brand’s value and feel. Explore everything you must know about choosing the right label materials and their significance.


Product labeling refers to offering information about the product on the packaging or its label. It enables communication between the manufacturer and the customer. Product labeling aims to inform customers about various aspects of the product; this includes its ingredients, how-to-use instructions, warnings, and relevant details. Product labels include important information such as product name, brand name, manufacturer name and address, nutritional information, quantity or volume, necessary safety warnings, and more. It is expected to be tempted to standard paper labels, but taking time and looking at other material options is advised. We at LabelArts bring various label materials – an ideal blend of functionality and robustness.


Customer Information: Product labels offer important information to customers about your product, which includes usage instructions, ingredients, potential allergens, safety warnings, and nutritional factors. This information helps customers make informed decisions, understand risks or advantages, and use the product safely.

Safely & Compliance: Labels entail important precautions, usage instructions, and safety warnings. This educates them about the potential hazards or misusage of products. Product labeling ensures compliance with standard needs like safety regulations and health by giving necessary information and adhering to legal obligations.

Transparency Brings Trust: Clear and correct labeling builds trust between manufacturers and their customers. When product labeling offers comprehensive and right information, it improves transparency, allowing customers to make choices based on their dietary needs, preferences, or ethical choices. Transparency labeling promotes customer loyalty.

Product Distinction: Labels play an integral role in product distinction and branding. Unique packaging designs, labeling factors, and logos help products stand out, capturing customers’ attention and enabling them to easily identify and choose a certain brand or product. Labels can include marketing messages or claims that differentiate them from their competitors.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance: As mentioned earlier in the second point, product labeling falls subject to various laws, industry standards, and regulations. Compliance with such needs is integral to avoid any legal problems or penalties. Whatever label type you choose, make sure it is compliant; this includes proper disclosure of ingredients, warning labels, and nutritional information.


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Listed below are five major benefits of using tailor-made label products:

Hassle-free Creation: Using tailored labels on your product makes it easy to get what you choose. It allows you to use text, images and designs you desire. You have complete control over how it appears and what information is exhibited on the label. Design your labels can be done in-house, or you can connect with us.

Fits Perfectly: Custom product labels will fit your products perfectly – create for anything; this includes food and beverage, skincare and wellness, household supplies, and other items; you can have information printed even inside of the label – many beauty brands add a peel-off label that entails all the required information.

Professional Packaging: Let’s say you are striving for professional-looking product packaging, not something quirky – in that case, bespoke labeling works great. It makes our product appealing and aesthetical to customers, resulting in higher sales volume for specific products or brands. Using custom labels is important for branding!

Brand Identity: Company branding is an important factor in business marketing. By adopting custom labels on your products – you can construct an identity to gain recognition from potential buyers; it helps customers recognize the product was made by your brand. This helps your product and business stand out from its competitors.

Strengthen Marketing Efforts:  Using custom-made labels on your products simply improves your marketing efforts. It is a perfect way to promote brand recognition and sales for existing and potential customers in the industry. Labels work as an advertising tool. When applied correctly, it effectively communicates what differentiates you from competitors.



1.Appearance: Now, when it comes to packaging or labeling, looks play a key role. A textured paper material can be used for creating a high-end label look and feel. A metallic film is versatile and right for various applications – from candles to supplement products. With our extensive selection of material available, consult your needs and preferred type of label; our team has got you covered.

2.Environment: Assess the potential environment your label will be exposed to. Will it be outdoors, retail shelf, or humid, hot, and excessively dry? Understanding that the environment plays a huge role in material selection is important. Refrigeration, sun exposure, moisture levels, and temperature help you choose which material, coating, and adhesive combo will be ideal for you.

3.Product: We all know that every product is different – the way it is used and the product itself will affect the right label material. Is your product a spray, liquid, or oil? Such a product can drip on and take away a chunk of some material over time. Think about whether it will be handled frequently and thrown in a bag to carry along. With enough information about the product and its usage, you will be able to choose the right material that is resistant to wear and tear.

4.Imprinting: Many pharmaceutical and supplement customers require batch numbers and expiration dates on their labels before they ship out the final product. Many of our smaller craft food, home product brands, and beverages will write important information like creation date and flavor on their labels. A few label materials can be written or printed directly, but many require a specific coating to ensure the print doesn’t smudge over time.


Irrespective of the product type, usage, storage condition, and design goals – LabelArts’ team will take care of your needs. We guide you to choose the right material combination for you – we provide free comprehensive sample packets tailor-made to your label project. Connect with us today!

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