Security Bags for Medical Labs

Tamper Evident Security Bags

Label Arts specializes in high quality chemical resistant labels for medical labs, but also offers our customers a wide assortment of tamper evident security bags for medical labs and other healthcare facilities. Our line of security bags feature industry leading tamper evident technology and are customized for different applications. Our patient’s medicine bags are specifically designed to make the distribution of medication simple and secure. Our personal property bags take the confusion out of collecting and temporarily storing patient and staff personal property while on site. We also offer generic blank security bags and robust capabilities for custom designed bags to fit your exact needs.

Our stock security bags are shipped same day for quick delivery in quantities as low as 25 bags. Not sure which bags are right for you? Contact us today to request samples of any of our security bags for testing.

Tamper Evident Security Bags for Medical Labs and Healthcare Facilities

Types of Security Bags

Generic blank tamper evident security bags for medical labs

Generic Blank Security Bags

Our simplest tamper evident security bag is a generic blank security bag. This product offers all of the industry leading tamper evident security technology with a clean and plain design. The blank security bag offers ultimate flexibility and versatility, allowing you to safely collect, store and transport any sensitive items that require an unbroken chain of custody. The options for this type of bag our endless!

Tamper Evident Patient's Medicine Security Bags for Medical Labs

Patient's Medicine Security Bags

Many labs and healthcare facilities are tasked with preparing and distributing patient medication or other controlled substances. The Alert Patient’s Medicine Security Bag is an invaluable tool for ensuring compliance with protocols for the distribution of medication or other sensitive substances. These security bags have a convenient write-on-block for recording patient information and the identification of the contents to ensure proper access of medication for the proper patients. 

Tamper Evident Security Bags

Personal Property Security Bags

Does your medical or healthcare facility ever collect, catalogue and retain individuals’ personal property? Hospitals and health care facilities are often faced with the challenge of temporarily storing personal items for patients or staff during their time on site. Our Personal Property Security Bags will help you  reduce the risks associated with holding personal property. Everyone can have peace of mind with serial numbered tear-off receipts to reclaim the bag with matching serial number. 

Custom Designed Security Bags

We can create customized tamper evident security bag solutions designed with your application or use case in mind. We can include custom graphics or logos, custom sizing, custom information block details and much more. Contact our team today to get a quote for a custom security bag for your medical or healthcare facility.

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Looking for a different type of security bag?

We have a range of different security bags thoughtfully designed to compliment specific applications. Learn more about our bank deposit bags, evidence bags, anti-static evidence bags, confidential document bags and mailer bags with tamper evident technology.