Preprinted Consecutive Barcode Labels

Providing best in class labeling for Histology, Pathology and Cytology

Label Arts is a leading manufacturer of preprinted consecutive barcode labels. We serve the medical and healthcare space with a specific focus on Histology, Pathology and Cytology specimen labeling. Our sequential barcode labeling solutions provide ultimate durability to withstand the harshest chemical environments without compromising our flawless identification guarantee. We take the hassle out labeling with small minimum order quantities and quick turnaround times. 


Working with Medical Labs

We work with numerous medical labs and healthcare facilities to provide sequentially numbered labels. When your facility needs new labels for a change in protocol, project or a new year, the Label Arts team is ready to print high quality labels to your specifications. Whether you need barcodes or sequentially numbered labels, or both, it is our mission to give you control over your processes with precise labeling solutions.

Custom Engineering and Quality Control

Flawless Identification Guarantee

Barcode labels are only as good as their ability to encode specific information and present that information when scanned. All Labelmart labels are put through robust quality control that ensure flawless identification. Our skilled technicians work through various structural integrity tests from label design through printing and finishing to ensure we meet or exceed expectations.

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Preprinted sequential barcode labels for slides and vials in medical labs