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How Pathology Labs Use Labels To Track Specimen Slides

Labels for Pathology Lab Specimen SlidesPathology labs use labels to track specimen slides in order to ensure accuracy and prevent errors in the diagnosis process. Labels are crucial to identifying each slide and linking it to the corresponding patient and specimen. Any mistakes in this tracking procedure and testing could be considered compromised and may have to be restarted from scratch, which is extremely costly and time consuming, not to mention reputation damaging.

How are labels used in labs?

Labs commonly use barcode labels encoded with information such as the patient’s name, medical record number, date of birth, and other identifying information. They may also include information about the type of specimen, the date and time it was collected, and any relevant clinical information. Labels are often printed in barcodes or QR codes for easier scanning and tracking. This ensures all relevant patient and specimen information travels with the specimen throughout the testing process.

Encoding labels with information

Once a specimen is collected, it is assigned a unique identifier, typically a barcode, which is printed on a label and affixed to the specimen container. The specimen is then sent to the laboratory, where it is processed and prepared for analysis. The slide is typically labeled with the same unique identifier as the specimen container, ensuring that they are linked together throughout the testing process.

As the slide moves through the laboratory, it is tracked at each stage using the unique identifier on the label. This allows laboratory staff to easily identify the slide, confirm that it is the correct one, and track its progress through the testing process. If any issues arise, such as a sample being lost or mislabeled, the unique identifier on the label can be used to quickly identify the problem and resolve it.

The importance of labels for labs

The use of labels in pathology labs helps to ensure accuracy and prevent errors, which is critical in the diagnosis process. Errors in labeling or tracking can lead to misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, or even patient harm. By using labels to track specimen slides, pathology labs can provide the highest level of care to their patients and ensure that their diagnoses are accurate and timely.

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