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November 28, 2023


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Are you looking for new custom labels? Do you feel exhausted trying to figure out where to begin? Fret not! In this post, you will learn everything about labeling solutions and the essential aspects of creating a perfect one. One of the most important factors that is considered when choosing or creating product labels is the material. It is the cornerstone of a remarkable label – that affects the quality, functionality and aesthetics of the label. The material has quite an impact on the overall look and feel of your product – there are different options available to choose from when creating custom labels.

Any manufacturing company understands they will have labels that require designing and printing, which means you need to choose the right material for those labels. One of the first things that you must take into consideration is what label kinds you need to print. Your brand can be printing different types of labels – whether for product labels, barcode labels or shipping labels – it is important to ensure that you choose the right materials.

This includes consideration not just for the paper material that the label is constructed from but also for the adhesives. There are certain concerns about conditions that your label will be exposed to. Manufacturing companies rely on shipping labels to ensure their item reaches its proper destination. A label must be produced properly to function the way it should.

Consider What Label is For

The material you choose for your label depends primarily on what the purpose of the label is. Does your company print product labels or are you printing shipping labels? If it’s a product label, what is the product? All these aspects matter. There are myriad options for label materials, so it helps to understand the purpose of your labels to narrow down your choices. Paper face stocks are considered best for shipping, indoor applications and packaging. They are extensively used type of face stock. Plain gloss-free paper face stocks are used for household items and kids’ stationery. For products that are on the higher end of quality, vinyl plastic stock will be an ideal option. The label types tend to be transparent – which offers an elegant look. Shipping labels need to be designed with materials based on their durability and aesthetic appeal.

Pay Attention to Following Aspects

Environment Condition

Are you looking for labels that need to be stuck outdoors? Are they produced for curvy or flat surfaces? Is it essential for your labels to withstand extreme temperatures? These are some of the most fundamental questions to help you determine your label type. While you can always go for the standard type, it is beneficial to pick the best-suited options.

Packaging Preference

As aforementioned, you must determine the label surface – shape, size, design and colors of the packaging must match the labels. Your packaged products must look good and maintain consistency. By understanding your Packaging – you can select the right adhesive for your labels.

Product’s Component

You wouldn’t want your wine bottle labels to be ripped easily, right? Your labels adjust with your products and the components they are composed of. If your product is a beverage – you will need waterproof paper and adhesive; if your product is a pharmaceutical and chemical, then label adhesive shouldn’t contaminate the contents within.

Label Materials

Choosing the right material makes all the difference when it comes to printing your labels. There are different types of paper and film face stocks available and each option is ideal for a unique purpose, print method – which means choosing the right option matters.


Thermal Transfer – Created for printers using thermal ribbons, the thermal print head beats the back of the ribbon, melting and transferring the marks onto the label.

Direct Thermal – This is different from thermal transfer in that it is the label; the print head heats the label, which causes the colors to change.

Semi-Gloss – This material features sheen without looking glossy. Labels are directly printed on the semi-gloss paper.

High-Gloss – Another paper medium where labels can be directly printed. The difference is that this paper has more shine to it.

Inkjet – This paper is designed to absorb ink from inkjet label printing methods and dry in a short period to prevent smudging.


Different industries demand unique label materials due to their specific needs. Take the following option into consideration:

1.Pharmaceutical – Pharmaceutical labels extensively use BOPP or PET films. This is because of their robust and quality print capabilities and resistance to chemical, moisture and abrasion.

2.Liquor Bottles – Synthetic materials such as vinyl films and polypropylene are best suited for liquor bottle labels. They are moisture resistant, able to withstand refrigeration and are durable.

3.Wine Bottles – They often use top-notch paper or textured film to achieve an elegant appearance. People prefer using vinyl or polyester films for their durability and moisture resistance.

4.Flexible Packaging – they benefit from flexible films made from polypropylene or polyethylene. These materials provide excellent moisture resistance and conform to different packaging shapes.

5.Food Packaging – Food packaging labels require materials that meet food safety regulations and resist moisture and food-related substances. Common options include direct thermal paper or films with food-grade adhesives.

6.Chemical Label Printing – These demand durable and chemical-resistant materials like polypropylene or polyester films. These materials provide remarkable resistance to harsh chemicals, solvents and extreme temperatures- ensuring safety, longevity and compliance. 


Choosing the right label material and adhesive will do more than just protect you from fines. The right media can protect your printer from aggressive wear & tear. While this guide can certainly help, it is also worthwhile to speak to your provider about your individual needs. Our professionals possess in-depth knowledge about labeling solutions and can help you choose the right options for your unique application.

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