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Benefits of Custom Printed Healthcare Labels

August 1, 2020
By Ashley Stewart

There are several benefits of custom printed healthcare labels. Label Arts, a leader in high-quality, chemical resistant labels, offers insight.

Eliminate Errors and Streamline Operations with Custom Printed Healthcare Labels

Clear communication is an essential element in healthcare. In an industry where the smallest mistake can lead to major consequences, it’s imperative to have quality healthcare labels to deliver vital information. Custom printed labels help labs follow specimen marking guidelines. Here are some other benefits.

No ambiguity

Possibly the most important benefit of having easy-to-scan medical labels is to help reduce errors. Incorporating custom printed labels increases accuracy which leads to enhanced quality of care for patients. Risk is reduced when vials or slides are easily identifiable and can be interpreted correctly.

Enhanced safety

Fully customizable labels meet unique needs, no matter what the application. Sometimes similar vials require different safety measures. Properly labeled items can be processed and stored correctly. These practices can reduce the risk of mistakes both on and off-site.

Increased productivity

Clearly labeled specimens allow for a smoother and more streamlined operation. Vials or slides can be easily labeled and tracked. This helps staff be more effective with their duties and workflow which in turn leads to better productivity.

Patient protection

Having custom printed labels help facilities abide by regulations outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure patient data privacy. Consecutively numbered barcode labels can provide great detail to healthcare workers while keeping a large amount of information completely confidential. Additionally, another layer of security can be created with labels manufactured with a specific adhesive that makes the information unreadable or reapplication impossible once it is removed.

Details make the difference

When your reputation is on the line, flawless identification and reliable tracking are vital. With customized labels, you can control your message for your specific needs with the material, colors, size, and shape you require.

Get customized

Whether you need to design (or redesign) your healthcare labels or are ready for production, Label Arts can deliver the high-quality labels you need to fit your requirements and the highest standard of health and safety. How can we help you? Let’s have a conversation.

Doing Business With Label Arts

We provide a personalized approach and every unique project is handled with precision and care. We make a guarantee to deliver great labels, quick turnarounds, and responsive and proactive service to every customer. If you haven’t found what you need anywhere else, chances are that with our wealth of knowledge and industry expertise, we can fulfill your request.

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